Welcome to Shel’tter! The online home of Baroque Japan brands.

Born in the streets of Shibuya in the year 2000, Baroque Japan (formerly Fakedelic)  became an iconic Tokyo street fashion brand, representing the unique look and fashion trends of the streets of Shibuya. 

Since then, our strength has been in always introducing new, original, high-quality fashion and setting fashion trends in Tokyo and the world. This strength stems from our philosophy that fashion begins with the wearer, on the ground. As such, we involve our retail shop staff in the planning process and design of new apparel, as it is our shop staff who are the closest to and most attuned to what our customers want and the developing trends. By listening to our customers, we are able to offer products that are aligned with their needs and desires; the main reason why we have become well-known and are able to create hands-on, unique new fashion — the core of our identity. Maintaining and developing this identity is what motivates us above all else.

We never lose sight of our starting point in what we do: feeling and thinking from the customers’ perspective, and from this point on we take up the challenge of gaining global recognition for Baroque as a fashion brand from Shibuya at the leading edge of the Japanese fashion scene.